Lomi also called Pancit Lomi is one of the varieties of noodle dishes in the Philippines. Lomi is a thick and hearty soupy noodles much like a thick Sauce  cooked with chicken liver, assorted vegetables, like carrots and cabbage and beaten eggs is added, too. Sometimes , it can be cooked with pork meat or shrimps, slices of chorizos , too depending on the recipe to be followed. Every household has their own recipe, very much like cooking the other noodle dishes in the Country.

Lomi is cooked using a special variety of thick fresh noodles locally known as Miki. Lomi is always served with soy sauce and slices of  local Philippine lemon called Kalamansi/Calamansi.

Below are Pictures of Lomi or Pancit Lomi which is one of the dishes served in a famous fast food chain in the Philippines called Chowking. I never tried cooking Lomi as this noodles is already made available in this fast food in the Philippines and they cooked their Lomi so good,I could not ask for more




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