Llapingachos refer to one of the typical foods from Ecuador. They are savory patties made from Cheese and potato. Llapingachos are potato cakes filled with Cheese fried until crispy. They are made of potatoes, egg, butter and fresh cheese.

Llapingachos which can be served as a main meal or as snack food is not only common throughout the mountainous region of the country, but all over Ecuador. It is usually served with Chorizos, fried egg, Avocado, Beetroot, Salad and sometimes meat.

Llapingachos originated from Ecuador's highlands and the traditional foods of the highland region or the country are usually based around potatoes, sweetcorn, Cheese and avocados a

Personal Note: Similar to Germany's Kartoffelpuffer (Potato Puffs) , except that Llapingachos is made with Cheese while Germany's Kartoffelpuffer is mainly made of potatoes. I will definitely try to cook this dish.

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