Mandoo refers to a Korean dumpling which is made of minced meat and vegetables wrapped in a thin piece of dough. Likewise, Mandoo is one of Korea's popular street foods. Other stuffings used to make Mandoo are tofu, minced beef, pork, mixed vegetables, shredded kimchi, bean sprouts, small slices of baby squash, or other ingredients depending on the what is available and taste. To cook Mandoo, round wheat dough is filled with the mixed stuffings to form a round Mandoo or can be formed into crescent shape by sealing around the filling on the side. Mandoo is cooked in several ways, steaming, frying or simmering into a meat (beef, chicken or pork) stock to make a good tasting soup. It is usually served with dippings, like soy sauce , with or without crushed red pepper paste (also depending on the taste) or kimchi. Mandoo paste which was tradionally made at homes is now available in convinience stores and supermarkets, it goes well with steamed and fried Mandoo. Mandoo is also known or called as Mandu
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