Murgh makhani also called Indian butter chicken is referring to a chicken dish made with a combination of butter, cream and yogurt gravy. In Hindi , "murgh"means chicken and "makhani" means buttery. There are basically two (2) phases of making this dish. First phase involves marinating boneless pieces of chicken in a rich blend of aromatic herbs and lastly, cooking in a Tandoor. This rich Mughlai dish is best enjoyed with hot Lachha Parathas or Tandoori Rotis.

Likewise, it is a dish of boneless pieces of chicken (called murgh in India) cooked in butter with tomato sauce (Makhan is butter in Indian) is a favorite speciality all over India.


This is one of the favorite dishes of my best friend in India and she let me try it and the dish is really delicious, but too rich and creamy. I like though the different spices and herbs that goes with it. I think, as a rice eater, I will like to try eating it with rice rather than Rotis or Chappattis.


List of books: Murgh,Makhani

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