Piccalilli refers to a pickle or relish which consists chopped vegetables, usually cauliflower mixed with hot spices, usually mustard and turmeric. The vegetables which are used aside from cauliflower include tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber and any other type of vegetables. The assorment of vegetables are cut into small pieces, blanced and then mixed with mustard, vinegar, salt, sugar and other spices. Turmeric is responsible for the yellow color of Piccalilli. Piccalilli is similar to sweet pickle and is often served with sausages, eggs, toast, cheese and beer. A traditional mixed vegetable pickle, formerly known as Indian pickle. Ingredients: • 1 lb (455g) pickling (tiny) onions • 1 cucumber • 1 cauliflower • 8 oz (225g) green tomatoes • 8 oz (225g) beans • 4 oz (115g) salt • 2 oz (55g) flour, plain • 4 oz (115g) granulated sugar • 2 oz (55g) mustard powder • 1 oz (30g) ground turmeric • 5 cups (1140 ml) malt vinegar Preparation: Cut vegetables into small pieces (leave onions whole) and place in a glass or earthenware bowl. Sprinkle with salt, leave for 24 hours and drain. Mix together the flour, sugar, mustard and turmeric and place in a saucepan. Blend to a paste with a little vinegar and gradually add the rest of the vinegar. Bring slowly to a boil, stirring until thick. Add the vegetables and simmer for 3 minutes. Pack into hot jars, seal and store.

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