Rocoto refers to a red, hot pepper/chili used in Peru. Rocoto pepper looks like a sweet red pepper, however, it is a very hot pepper. It is used in cooking many classic and traditional Peruvian dishes. Rocoto are thinly sliced and mixed with chopped onion for a sauce to accompany fried Guinea pigs, a traditional dish from Peru. The following are the detailed information about Rocoto: Species Name: Capsicum pubescens Color: Green to golden yellow, orange or red Average Size: 2 inches wide, 2 inches long Shape: Round, sometimes pear-shaped Description: Very hot, thick-walled pods, usually eaten fresh as they don't dry well Scoville Heat Units: Not rated but hotter than Habanero (300,000+) If not available, Rocoto can be substituted with Habanero but only for sharpness, but not for the flavor. Rocoto is also known as: Manzano, Canaria, Locoto, Perron (Mexico), Caballo (Guatemala), Manzana, Jalapeno (Costa Rica) Rocotos are most commonly grown in South America, Central America and Mexico. Interesting Facts: The rocoto is still quite unknown in North America as it is not grown commercially in the U.S. It is an exotic looking chile with long, hairy stems, purple flowers, and jet-black seeds. It grows at a high altitude of between 3,500 to 6,000 feet and requires a cool climate. The rocoto is believed by many to be much hotter than a habanero but this has still not been substantiated. Most Common Uses: In sauces, as a seasoning, in meat and vegetable dishes.
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