English: Dipping sauce / Deutsch: Dip / Español: Salsa para mojar / Português: Molho para mergulhar / Français: Sauce pour tremper / Italiano: Salsa per intingere /

Sawsawan is the Filipino word for dipping sauce or gravy. The most famous Sawsawan are: Toyo (Soy sauce) and Kalamansi (Philippine native lime) with chopped siling labuyo (red chili peppers); Patis (fish sauce) and Kalamansi or just plain Patis; chopped kamatis (tomatoes), sibuyas (onions) and luya (ginger) with a bit of Suka (vinegar) and salt.

For the Lechon, there is a special sauce made from liver and always given free when buying Lechon from Lechon makers. A famous brand of this liver gravy is called Mang Thomas which are available in bottles in almost all supermarkets in the Philippines.

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