Sussex Slipcote refers to a traditional mild, soft cheese with a light, fresh creamy and very soft fluffy texture, a slightly sharp refreshing flavor and a sweet, refreshing citrus taste or a clean slightly sharp lemony taste. It is made with pasteurised sheep milk. It is a cheese suitable also for vegetarians. The name "Slipcote" is an old English word meaning little (slip) piece of cottage (cote) cheese. It was originally called Slipcote because the cheese curds used to mature too fast and the cheese would slip out of the cloth (or 'coat') it was in. Sussex Slipcote is made near Duddleswell in East Sussex. The cheese is made Plain or with the addition of Peppercorns, Herbs and Garlic, Basil or Mint in 100g buttons attractively packaged in clear containers or as a rolled log weighing about 500g. Sussex Slipcote is a spreadable cheese from England that goes well with crusty bread, biscuits, a jacket potato or stirred into pasta. Sussex Slipcote can also be used as a table cheese and baking and is especially good in tomato dishes such as quiches or salads. Slipcote has garnered many awards, namely: Bronze Medal Winner at the British Cheese Awards 2008 Bronze Medal Winne Sussex Slipcote with Garlic & Herb at the Nantwich Cheese Show 2008 Silver Medal Winne Sussex Slipcote with Garlic & Herb at the Nantwich Cheese Show 2007 Gold Medal Winne Sussex Sipcote with Peppercorn at the British Cheese Awards 2006 It is said that this cheese has a very long history tracing back to the time of William Shakespeare.

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