Satsuma-Age refers to a Japanese dish made from fresh, low-fat seasonal fish: fried fish cake fish cake fried in oil, hence it hasan external rich golden brown color. It is said to have been introduced into Kagoshima from China through Ryukyu (present day Okinawa). The fresh fish is grated and flavored in a local style with ingredients such as the locally produced alcohol, and subsequently fried. Satsuma-Age is available in various shapes and flavors, example is that the large rectangular ones have carrot in the middle, the small round ones have sweet-potato flavor, and there are times when the fish paste is mixed with other vegetables such as Gobo (burdock root), squid or boiled egg before frying. Satsuma-Age is often round or semi-circular in shape, with a thickness of around 1-2 centimeters. However, shape and flavor are available, it is said that the best aroma and the most enticing color of Satsuma-Age is obtained by using rapeseed oil when frying and that it is at its best when when they are served freshly cook and piping hot. Satsuma-Age is a popular addition to O-den, or hot Udon noodles in soup.

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