Saindhav also known as Black Salt or rock salt which is pink in color. It is added to Indian fruit salads and in chutneys. It is also sprinkled over the popular Indian Raitas which is plain yogurt with cucumbers and tomato. Used sparingly, it adds a special sulphur taste on the lines of garlic, onions and Asafetida. This salt is mined from the earth and not the sea. Toss a little black salt with lemon juice and cut fruits for a simple, tangy fruit Chaat (snacks). Notes : Black salt, or Kala Namak, is not black, but more a reddish-gray, because of the presence of trace minerals and iron. It is not interchangeable with sea salt or table salt because of it's distinct flavor- Yumana Devi, a popular Indian cook-book writer likens it to hard boiled egg yolks.

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