Sua ki bhaji is a Western Indian green dish and everyday food for the local populace.

"Sua" is the term for "dill" in Marathi , the local language spoken in Maharashtra, the western state of India. Fresh organic dill is chopped fine and cooked with split yellow moong dal. Simply salted and spiced, this dish is all about bringing out the flavor of dill. Traditionally it is eaten with a "Bhakri" which is a thick rustic bread made fresh for every meal from flours like Jowar or Bajra. Bhakris are humble home food in the western regions of Maharashtra and Gujarat,and very rare to find in restaurants. They don't keep very well as they tend to dry out or go soggy due to condensation when wrapped up. They are truly enjoyed fresh off the griddle.

Serving suggestions:
Serve it with soft rotis and plain yogurt on the side.
Serve it as a side to add a different kind of green vegetable to your table.

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