Vanpayar or Van Payar Thoran is one of the many Thoran dishes from Kerala, India. Van Payar or Vanpayar is red cow beans stir-fried with grated coconut, lots of spices, onions/shalotts and Curry leaves

Thoran is a dry vegetable side dish with coconut added to it. It is a vegetable-based stir-fry made from finely chopped or cut vegetables cooked with grated coconut on it. Moreover, Thoran is sauteed or stir-fried vegetables or mixed (2 or more) vegetables with grated coconut . It is a part of Sadya. (Please see related article on Thoran).

Van Payar/Vanpayar Thoran is best eaten with rice, Kanji (rice gruel/porridge), Dosa or Chappati/Roti

Thoran is Kerala is called Poriyal in Tamil Nadu. 

Below are pictures of Van Payar/Vanpayar Thoran 

Van Payar/Vanpayar Thoran eaten with Dosa/Dosha

This picture of Van Payar/Vanpayar Thoran is served with rice.

This Van Payar/ Vanpayar Thoran is eaten with Chapatti or Roti for dinner in Allepey, Kerala, India