Pindur refers to a traditional mild or spicy relish of red peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and different spices which is popular in Balkan countries, like Serbia. Aubergines, red peppers and tomatoes chunks combined with spices give Pindur an appetising flavor, appealing color and pleasant aroma. Pindur is commonly used as a summer spread. Pindur which is also knowns as Pindjur is similar to Ajvar but is generally made with aubergines. In some regions, Ajvar and Pindur are used interchangeably because they basically used the same ingredients. The process of creating this relish is very long, just like the creation of Ajvar. The process involves baking some of the ingredients for hours, also roasting the peppers and aubergines and peeling them. Pindur is a tasty way to consume vegetables as it can be consumed as a salad, but it works well with about anything, as a sandwinch spread or a dip for raw vegetables. Pindur is pronounced "pind-zhur". A relish is a cooked, pickled, or chopped vegetable or fruit food item which is typically used as a condiment and Ajvar is relish, made principally from red bell peppers, with eggplant, garlic and chili pepper. Ajvar originated from Serbia, and was therefore for long time known as "Serbian salad" or "Serbian vegetable caviar".

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