Seonji refers to beef-blood lumps in Korean which is one of the ingredients added to make Sogogi-Gukpap more tasteful. It is a clotted blood from slaughtered cows; a jelly made from the blood of cow. Seonji is like red tofu which is very soft and this is made from cow’s blood. So some people who know about Seonji don’t want to eat this food, because they think that seonji is disgusting! But when you eat this food with rice and kimchi, your thinking will be changed. Seonjiguk (???) - made with seonji (??, coagulated ox blood). In addition to seonji soup’s good taste, seonji soup contains lots of iron and many vegetables are in this soup, so it is good for our blood. seonji gukbap, another favorite of Koreans. Made by mixing congealed ox blood (seonji) with dried radish greens, the taste of this soup is quite unique. Moreover, being a rich source of iron, vitamins, and protein, seonji is helpful to revitalize the body and mind after heavy drinking, and to recover from an anemic condition. It is also made into a soup called Seonji Guk and other dishes like
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