Sahnesteif refers to a food product used for stabilizing whipping cream; a stabilizer for whipping cream. It is used to assist in making the cream stiff: For those having a problem whipping creams to make it stiff,, this is the best product to use. Sahnesteif is the trademark name for whippng cream stiffener; one of the products of Dr. Oetker, a famous food brand from Germany which is now known internationally. Dr. Oetker is a famous international brand for ready-made cakes, cookies and pancakes, baking powder, and other baking products, like Vanillepudding, Sahnesteif, Tortenguss, Vanillezucker, Milchreis, Griess (semolina) products, Tiefgekuhl products, like ready to cook pizza and many more. I have not used a Sahnesteif yet, but I have seen my mother-in-law used it to prepare Schlagsahne to serve with her homemade cake whenever we have Kafe und Küchen activity in her home. But I intend to use this product when I go home to the Philippines so I can also let my son experience this part of German culture. I intend to bring home ready-made cake product from Dr. Oetker so we can both enjoy. In the Philippines, our cakes are topped with butter icings, here in Germany, most of their cakes are topped with fruits in season (strawberries, rhubard, plums , cherry), so it is very delicious when eaten with whipped cream on top. I seldom see my husband's relatives prepare chocolate cakes, since they have a delicious marzipan. Schlagsahne or whipped cream is very popular in Germany as topping for cakes. No German, I supposed will eat a cake without Schlagsahne. In patisseries, bakeshops or cafes, when you order a cake you will be asked if you want a Schlagsahne or not to go with your cake. Dr. Oetker is one of my favorite brands in Germany, it has so many, many good products to choose from for new baker like me, I do not even have to put myself into the rigors of baking, Dr. Oetker has already available ready-made cakes which are all delicious. Their ready-made Kaiserschmarrn is may son's favorite even if he has not been to Germany. Dr. Oetker's Griessbrei (semolina pudding) is for me one of their best products. I like it very much.
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