Deutsch: Softeis / Español: Helado Suave / Português: Sorvete Macio / Français: Glace Molle / Italiano: Gelato Morbido

Soft Ice Cream, also known simply as soft serve, is a type of ice cream that is softer than regular ice creams due to air being introduced during the freezing process. It is served at a slightly warmer temperature, which contributes to its soft and smooth texture. This dessert is popular worldwide and comes in various flavors, with vanilla, chocolate, and swirl (a combination of vanilla and chocolate) being among the most common. Soft serve is often dispensed from a machine with a high overrun, which incorporates air into the mix, making it light and creamy.


Soft serve ice cream is distinguished by its creamy texture and the ability to be piped into a cone with a characteristic swirl at the top. The introduction of air during the freezing process not only makes the ice cream softer but also increases its volume, giving it a lighter feel. Unlike traditional ice cream, which may be stored and served from a freezer, soft serve is typically made and served on demand using a soft serve machine.

Application Areas

Soft serve ice cream is a popular treat in ice cream parlors, fast food restaurants, and at various outdoor events and festivals. It's often served in cones but can also be enjoyed in cups, sometimes with a selection of toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate syrup, or pieces of fresh fruit. Soft serve is also a common base for more elaborate desserts, like sundaes or ice cream floats.

Well-Known Examples

Some well-known variations of soft serve include:

  • Twist or Swirl: A mix of two flavors, commonly vanilla and chocolate, served together in one cone.
  • Flavored Soft Serve: Besides the classic vanilla and chocolate, many places offer soft serve in a variety of flavors, including strawberry, matcha, and mango, among others.
  • Sundaes: Soft serve ice cream topped with sauces, nuts, and cherries.
  • Parfaits: Layers of soft serve with fruits, granola, and syrup, typically served in a tall glass.

Treatment and Risks

Soft serve ice cream is a delightful treat, but like all desserts, it should be consumed in moderation, especially by individuals managing their intake of sugar and fat. Additionally, because soft serve is dispensed from a machine, proper cleaning and maintenance of the equipment are crucial to prevent bacterial growth and ensure food safety.


Soft Ice Cream offers a uniquely smooth and creamy experience that differs from traditional ice cream. Its ease of serving, combined with the possibility of endless flavor combinations and toppings, makes soft serve a perennial favorite among people of all ages. Whether enjoyed in a cone on a hot day or as part of a more elaborate dessert, soft serve ice cream is a versatile and delightful treat.


Soft ice Cream is a kind of ice cream with a more soft consistency that a regular ice cream and served in a cone. This Soft Ice Cream is always dispensed with the use of a special machines. This one is sold in one of the 7-11 Stores. 7-11 Stores are located all over the Philippines and Soft Ice Cream is one of their best-loved product especiall during Summer months in the Philippines.

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