Salada de Xuxu refers to a Brazilian salad made of grated raw Chayote mixed with salad dressing.

Xuxu is the Brazilian word for Chayote which is also known as Christophine or Merliton.  Xuxu is from a family of squash with a white flesh that can be diced or grated and be used as a salad ingredient like cucumber, radish or jicama. In Brazil, it is also boiled and served as a side dish





Personal Note: In the Philippines, we call Chayote as Sayote, we used in as ingredients for fried spring rolls or fresh rolls and as a substitute for Papaya. I can not remember that my mom ever used Chayote fruit or meat as a salad ingredient, but we used its young leaves for salad. Chayote leaves is called Talbos ng Sayote. For salad, we dip the young leaves in boiling water, when done, we mixed it withchopped tomatoes, fnely chopped onions and fish sauce (called Bagoong Isda). Now I know that Sayote fruit (meat) can be made into a salad, too. I will try to make it here in Germany as asoon as I find a fresh Chayote.

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