The Top 10 Cuisine in terms of popularity are:

1. Chinese- speaking of Chinese Noodles, Fried Rice, and there is almost a Chinese restaurants in every country worldwide which offer not only delicious, but also cheap and affordable foods. Nothing can Beat the Chinese.

2. Italian - Pizza, Pasta, etc. Although Italian foods are not so cheap, there are still many Italian restaurants in every part of the world.

3. Indian - who else have not tasted Samosas and Chiken Curry. Even in London, Indian cuisine is popular.

4. French - Baguette, Crepes, Fois Gras among many others.

5. Thai - Tom Yum soup, and the spicy red and green curries. One of my favorite cuisines of all times.

6. Spanish - Tapas and Paella

7. Japanese - Sushi, Sashimi, Teriyaki, etc.

8. American - Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Apple Pie, KFC and McDonalds's

9. Mexican - Tortillas, Tacos and Margaritas

10. Lebanese - Shawarma, Baklava, Grapes Leaves Rolls

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