Glossary H

The food glossary +++ 'Hae kun', 'Huiler', 'Hiwain'
Hanpen is a kind of Japanese fish cake which is very soft. Hanpen is the Japanese word which means "fish cake".

Hapuka is a Maori term for groper, a kind of fish

Herbes de provence is a French term that refers to an assortment of dried herbs said to reflect those most commonly used in southern France. The Blend can be found packed in tiny clay

Husa is a Czechoslovakia word for goose

: Hapunan
Hand-formed bread refers to a bread that is gently formed by hand and no single machine was used to form the bread. Some old women in Germany are still making read

Hapunan is a Filipino term which means dinner or supper. Similar to the tanghalian, a typical hapunan or dinner for a Filipino family usually consists of rice and one or two types of