Glossary I

The food glossary +++ 'Indivia', 'Iga Ayam', 'Incir'
Insalata di pollo is the Italian dish which refers to "chicken salad"

Indivia is the Italian word for endive, a herb with serrated or broad flat leaves used in salads

In Acqua pazza is the Italian term which literally means "crazy water", referring to any dish cooked in seawater, commonly done in the South of Italy

In brodo is the Italian term that literally means "in broth", that refers to dishes cooked in a thin soup or broth.

Insalata di cavolo is the Italian term which means "coleslaw", a sald made of thinly sliced cabbage, sometimes with added carrots and onions, and mayonnaise.

Izakaya is the Japanese term which means "Japanese style pub"