Glossary I

The food glossary +++ 'Insamcha', 'In acqua pazza', 'Inipit'
Iso-don refers to a Japanese dish of a bed of sushi rice with other ingredients mixed on top or a sushi rice bed under assorted fish or other ingredients.

Is Orziadas is referring to a specialty of Cagliari, one of the Regions of Sardinia which is a dish of sea anemones dipped in breadcrumbs and lightly fried

in salmi literally means "in rich wine sauce especially game

Inasnan is a Filipino term which means preserving foods with salt

*Inaka Whitebait
*There are different Maori names given to whitebait according to its age:
*Püköareare First caught
*Inaka Juvenile
*Inanga Dark speckling
*Mahitahi Adult fish

Is Panadas refers to a specialty dish of Cagliari, one of the Regions of Sardinia.