Glossary K

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Kitfo refers to an Ethiopian spiced beef tartare. Likewise Kitfo refers to raw or very rare ground beef marinated in a very hot chilli powder. It is one of the national specialties of Ethiopia.

Other definition:
Kitfo refers to ground raw beef which is considered the dessert of the meal in Ethiopia. Kitfo was traditionally, the staple of Ethiopan diet, but nowadays and in the modern era, the elite members of the society shunned it in favor of cooked beef.

Kitcha refers to Eritrea's unleavened, thin and flat wheat bread which is one of the staple foods of the country. Kitcha is unleavened flat wheat bread is one of the staple foods of Eritrea.

Eritrea is located in eastern Africa north of Ethiopia, hence many of the country's traditional foods are similar to those of Ethiopia, like the Injera.

Kozunak refers to Bulgarian sweet bread with butter, milk, sugar, eggs, and raisins, and flavored with lemon zest. Kozunak is a special Easter braided bread from Bulgaria which is sometimes decorated with dyed eggs.