Licuados refer to one of the popular drinks in El Salvador. Licuados refer to blended fruit drink made of milk or water, sugar and fruits.Licuados are popular and traditional in Mexico and throughout Latin American countries, like Bolivia where Licuados are taken at breakfast time and Guatemala. Moreover, Licuados are typically made with milk, fresh or frozen fruits and granulated sugar or honey. Licuado is very easy to make and only take some minutes to make it using a blender at home, or can be purchased in a variety of flavors at Latino markets and fastfood establishments. Although Licuados are most often associated with fresh fruits and milk, juice or water can be used instead of milk, if desired. In some countries strawberry or banana flavors are two (2) of the most popular flavors. Licuados is also one of Honduras national drink and refer to fruit juices and milk shakes made from fruits available in the coutry and seasonal, such as mangoes, piñas (pineapples), watermelons and bananas. "Licuado" means blended and in Guatemala, it is considered a part of the country's culture. Licuado can be a breakfast replacement or can be consumed later in the morning or in the afternoon as a "pick-me-up" snack. Some Latin American restaurants offer them already in their menu. It is made with milk with several varieties of fresh fruits, like mango, papaya, banana, strawberry. Customers can request Licuados based on their preferences - with or without ice, with vanilla flavor or without, and with additional treat, like granola, nuts (almonds or walnuts), shredded coconut, chocolate powder, raisins or eggs, and cinnamon as a topping. Licuado is a very versatile treat, and can be very healthy when there is no added sugar and only pure fresh fruits are used.
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