Glossary B

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Biscotti refers to a long, hard, twice-baked Italian dipping cookie in various flavors including anise, chocolate, almond and hazelnut.

Bianco d'uovo is the Italian term which means "egg white", used often in making fluffy desserts.

Bianco d'uovo is pronounced "byahn-koh-d-woh-voh

Brodo is the Italian term which means broth or bouillon.

Bronzino is the Italian term for sea bass. It is also known as branzino, spigola, branzia, lupo di mare, ragno, spinola

Bronzino is pronounced "brohn-tsee-noh"

Brunello refers to Sangiovese grapes in the area of Montalcino in Tuscany.

Budino is the Italian term for sweet or savory puddings. Sweet puddings are usually made with chocolate or vanilla, and often contain fruits and/or nuts. A blood sausage is a kind of