Glossary B

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Banh xeo refers to a Vietnamese pancakes made with rice flour. Banh xeo can also be cooked with a filling

Bangers and mash refers to an English dish of sausages or bangers and mash potato served with gravy

Bastilla refers to a traditional Moroccan dish which is a large pie of squab or perhaps chicken on the bottom, in a sauce of eggs, lemon and onion.

Batido refers to a refreshing tropical drink from Cuba that is made with milk and fresh fruit.

English: Fermented / Deutsch: Fermentiert / Español: Fermentado / Português: Fermentado / Français: Fermenté / Italiano: Fermentato /

Binuro refers to a Filipino cooking term that uses salt as a preservative or using salt to preserve food.

Balsam pear is another name for bitter melon. This refers to a yellow-green vegetable which is long and torpedo shaped with a bumpy skin. It is mostly used in Asian cooking.