Glossary B

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Bhindi is the Hindi term for okra

Bhindi is pronounced "bin-dee"

Binating itlog is a Filipino term for scrambled egg. Binati means "scrambled" and "itlog" is a Filipino term for egg

Blanc-Manger refers to any kind of pudding or custard that is flavored with vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. It is a pudding made with milk, sugar and cornstarch. Sometimes it is a

Bia hoi is a Vietnamese "fresh" or draught beer that is served warm from the keg and then poured over ice.

Banak (family magulidae) is the Filipino word for mullet, a kind of fish

Bannock refers originally to a Scottish flatbread which is made usually of oatmeal and lard, baked on a "girdle," or iron plate, suspended over an open fire.