Glossary B

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Broas refers to a Filipino kind of Biscuit usually used in making non-baked cakes or torte or what we call in the Philippines refrigerator cake: It is used as a base for the cake and

Busserl is German word which literally means "kisses", refers to small, round and sweet dessert pastries

Butifara refers to small sausage filled with pork, white wine and seasonings, air dried, boiled in salt water and dried again.

Butter clam refers to a variety of clam that is a native of Puget Sound in the American North-West.

Butter lettuce is a kind of soft, round, buttery lettuce that is small, round, slightly loose formed head of lettuce with buttery textured leaves with good flavor.

Buttercream refers to a classic cake frosting made from powdered sugar, butter and milk.