Glossary B

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Byrrh refers to a French Aperitif which is a Blend of red wine and quinine water. It also refers to a dry, slightly bitter Aperitif from Roussillon, France that is based on fortified,

Butifarron refers to a Spanish small, thin, black sausage which contains pig's blood, belly mixed with spices. It is known in Spain also as "butifarra negra"

Ba jiao refers to a Chinese for star anise that flavors marinades and sweets

Bun bo hue refers to a soup with beef, pork, lemongrass, noodles and shrimp paste. It refers to a Vietnamese hot and spicy noodle soup with lemon grass

Bun pup is another name for hot dog. Hot dogs are delicious food and there are different ways to enjoy them. In the Philiipines, it is one of the major ingredient for making Spaghetti

Biscotti refers to a long, hard, twice-baked Italian dipping cookie in various flavors including anise, chocolate, almond and hazelnut.