Glossary B

The food glossary +++ 'Batwan / Batuan', 'Balakwit', 'Binuro'
Bindaetteok is mung bean pancake in Korea
Bibimbap refers to Korean's quintessential food of boiled rice mixed with vegetables .

Bossam refers to a Korean food described as boiled and sliced pork or beef served with spicy cabbage leaves to wrap into morsels
Bharva baingan is an Indian dish made of small eggplants stuffed with spices and Pan fried

Bhatura or bhaturas refers to a very common North Indian bread which is made out of dough of fine wheat flour mixed with yoghurt, ghee, sugar, salt and baking soda.

Bhuga refers to a special kind of festival sweet prepared during the festival Lohri in Punjab. It is made up of Khoya , sugar and til (sesame). As it is an occasional sweet, it is available

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