Glossary B

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Bara brith refers to a traditional Welsh rich cake

Bangkuang is a Bahasia Malaysia word for jicama - a white fleshed root vegetable with brown skin. It is crunchy and juicy, and the taste varies from bland to quite sweet. It can used

Bhindi bhaji is an Indian food made of okra which are friend with spices and onions

Bai horapha is a Thai term for Thai basil.

Bai krapao is a Thai term for holy basil. This Thai herb is similar in flavour with Thai basil, but only releases its oils upon cooking so it is always used in stir fry dishes like Pad

Bouilli is a French term which means boiled, braised or stewed.

It also refers to a Cajun soup made with beef offal

It also refers to boiled beef. This is often the meat from a