Glossary B

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Brochettes is a French term which means "cooked on a skewer. It refers to any food that is cooked on a skewer. It is also known as "a la broche" cooked

1882 - the year bouillon cubes were first made commercially by Julius Maggi for the poor people living in city slums.

Bamia refers to Arabic dish made of baby okra and lamb in tomato stew

Boughasha refers to Egyprtian crisp pastry rolls filled with nuts and raisins.

Bamieh bilahmeh refers to Egypt stew of browned cubed lamb, garlic, and tomato sauce, completed with the addition of okra near the end of cooking time. It is served with rice.
Bettai refers to a classic Arab bread made of whole-wheat flour and leavening and baked in a large, flat fourteen-inch round. Eaten by breaking off pieces, and used to scoop up other