Glossary B

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Bamieh bilahmeh refers to Egypt stew of browned cubed lamb, garlic, and tomato sauce, completed with the addition of okra near the end of cooking time. It is served with rice.
Bettai refers to a classic Arab bread made of whole-wheat flour and leavening and baked in a large, flat fourteen-inch round. Eaten by breaking off pieces, and used to scoop up other

Balinghoy is a Filipino word for Cassava.

Bramborove Knedliky refers to "potato dumplings" in Czech Republic.

Baingan Mirch ka Salan refers to a typical Hyderabadi dish, which is a piquant delicacy of baby eggplants and red chilies simmered in a gravy of almonds and peanuts. It goes well with

Bhavnagari gathia refers to a delicious fried snack from Gujarat. This soft and crunchy snack is made from gram flour and black pepper, Ajwain or carom seeds, and other Indian spices.