Glossary B

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Beilage is a German word which means "side dish" or "side order".

Barm Brack or Barmbrack, which is a fruit bread, rather like the Welsh Bara Brith, and is traditionally eaten at Halloween - it is served sliced and buttered.

Barm Brack is an Irish bread which is also known as Tea Brack.

English: Belekoy / Deutsch: Belekoy / Español: Belekoy / Português: Belekoy / Français: Belekoy / Italiano: Belekoy /

Belekoy is a Filipino delicacy/sweet which said to orginated from Bulacan, one of the Philippine provinces located just north of Metro Manila. Belekoy is a dark, almost black sweet pastry made from flour, sugar, and vanilla and coated sesame seeds. Usually wrapped in transparent plastic. It is sticky and has almost the consistecy of Jelly Beans.

Baleadas refer to one of the popular dishes from Honduras which is a tortillas folded over and filled with refried beans, crumbled cheese and cream.

Moreover, Baleada is one of the most common street foods in Honduras.

Beurre cru is a French butter that is made with raw cream.

Bredie is a South African stew or ragout of meat (usually mutton) with vegetables. Bredie which is pronounced as "bray-dee" refers to South Africa's traditional stews made from lamb or tomatoes and vegetables that is cooked slowly. It is one of the country's popular foods.

Bredie is derived from the Madagascan word "bredi", introduced by the slaves who arrived in the Cape Colony, some of them of Madagascan origin.

It is said that the unique character of the Bredie comes from the long and slow simmering until the meat and vegetables melt together in a rich, thick and full-bodied gravy which is obtained by using meat with a fair amount of bone and fat like that of mutton, rolling it in flour and browning it before the vegetables are added. Some of the vegetables used to prepare Bredie are potatoes, onions, cabbage, beans or pumpkins.