Glossary B

The food glossary +++ 'Batwan / Batuan', 'Balakwit', 'Binuro'
Baingan Mirch ka Salan refers to a typical Hyderabadi dish, which is a piquant delicacy of baby eggplants and red chilies simmered in a gravy of almonds and peanuts. It goes well with

Bhavnagari gathia refers to a delicious fried snack from Gujarat. This soft and crunchy snack is made from gram flour and black pepper, Ajwain or carom seeds, and other Indian spices.

Baboy damo is a Filipino word for Wild pig. Karne ng Baboy damo is pork of wild

Beluga refers to the most prized of all caviar. Beluga comes from the largest sturgeons, weighing up to two thousand pounds. At twenty years maturity, it yields legendary large sized pearls

Batil Patung is the Tuguegarao version of pancit . It is made of local noodles, generously topped with hot dogs, crunchy chicharon bits, ground meat, fried egg, and vegetables .


Beyaz Peynir refers to the Turkish medium soft-brined cheese. Beyaz Peynir literally means "white cheese" and also refers to Feta Cheese in Turkey.

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