Danggit or Daing na Danggit refers to crispy, fried sun-dried Danggit, the Filipino word for Rabbitfish, Pinspotted spinefoot, Mottled spinefoot or Spinefoot. After frying it can served with Sawsawan (dip) made from slices of fresh tomatoes sometimes with chopped onions and other Sawasawan like Suka (Vinegar) with crushed garlic and Siling Labuyo (Bird's eye chillis).

In the Philippines, fried Danggit is often served for breakfast with eggs (Nilaga/Hard-Boiled, Binati/Scrambled eggs or Sunny-side up) and of course, it is best when served with Sinangag called fried rice in English fried with crushed Bawang (Garlic)

Although it is a popular food for breakfast, fried Danggit can also be served in any other meals, lunch or dinner paired with Soup and Sauteed Vegetables.

Above are two (2) kinds of Daing or Fried Dried Fish from the province of Cebu in Philippines, the small ones at lower portion of the picture is the fried Danggit. Fried to perfection, crispy and still not dry

Danggit, a variety of fish is also known in other parts of the Philippines as Kitang, Samaral, Taragbago, Tabago, Balawis, Bangkawon, Barangan, Malaga, etc. and is part of the Siganus fish family. There are available dried Danggit always, since they thrive in Philippine waters.

Thy are called Aigo in Japan, Madar in Indonesia, Debam or Dingkis in Malaysia, and other names in other countries where they are available.

To make the fresh Danggit as special dried Danggit, they are cleaned carefully by removing the guts, butterflied or split open, salted then dried in the sun

Daing na Danggit is available in almost all supermarkets in Metro Manila and around the Philippines, but they widely available in the Visayas Island of the Philippines provinces, especially in Cebu Province, which is famous for Danggit and other dried seafoods (in Tabaon Dried Fish Market in Cebu City) Bohol and Leyte were they are caught. (Please see related article on My Blog http://glorious-food-glossary.blogspot.com/2015/03/cebu-philippines-big-market-for-dried.html)

Below is are pictures of fried Daing na Danggit which my friend who vacationed in Cebu brought home from Cebu to Germany dried Danggit and other dried fish. Of couse, we were all given some pieces to enjoy.

Dried Danggit from Cebu still in plastic pack waiting to be fried
Dried Danggit from Cebu still in plastic pack waiting to be fried

Below is a close-up view of fried Danggit, delicious!!!

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