List of Philippine Vegetables :

Kamatis - tomato (tomatoes)

Repolyo - cabbage

Kalabasa - squash/pumpkin<

Kabute - mushroom

Pipino - cucumber

Sigarilyas - winged peas

Okra - ladies fingers

Patola - loofa/ gourd

Kangkong. swamp cabbage

Sitaw - string beans

Labanos - radish

Gabi - taro root

Sili - chili

Sibuyas - onions

Kamote - sweet potato

Kamoteng Kahoy - yucca

Luya - Ginger

Bawang - Garlic

Patani - kidney/lima beans

Talong - eggplant

Ampalaya - bitter melon, also called Amorgoso

Alugbati - malabar spinach

Labong - bamboo shoot

Upo - gourd

Malunggay (Dahon/Bunga) - horseradish leaves/fruits

Murang Sibuyas - spring onions

Kamansi - jackfruit

Kamias - ginger lily

Pechay - bok choi

Pechay Baguio -

Habichuelas - snap beans

Puso ng Saging - heart of Banana

Bulaklak ng Saging - flowers of banana

Mustasa - mustard leaves

Munggo - mung beans

Singkamas. turnip, jicama

Togue/Toge - mung bean sprouts

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