Patacones refers to an Ecuadorian dishes made of green bananas fried in oil, mashed and refried and humitas - a sweet corn tamales
Other definition:
Patacones refers to South American fried plantains. Patacones is also cooked in other South American countries like Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador

Patacones are made from unripened plaintain (verde), cut at a 90 angle, but about 1" thick, fry them in lard. After frying, fried plaintains are smashed flat, then fried again. It is also used as a side dish.

Patacones are also known in Ecuador as Patacon Pisao or Stepped-on patacon because they are smashed flat during cooking.

Patacones is a very tasty Ecuador food which is made up of Plantain. Plantain is a specific type of Musa which is used as a substitute of banana fro cooking purposes. Patacones is the Columbian name of this food which is known by different names in different parts of the country. In Dominican Republic, this food is known by the name “Maduritos”. Again, in Cuba it is known as “Chatinos”. But in most parts of South America, it is known as Patacones.

Ingredients of Patacones

Having information about the proper ingredients about a recipe is a must, for correct recipe increases the taste of a cooked food. As far as Patacones, it requires very common ingredients and can be easily and quickly made. The ingredients of Patacones are big green color plantains, vegetable oil and salt to taste.

Method of Preparing Patacones

Plantain is to be cut into slices which are then to be fried on a frying pan at a heat o 325F. The plantain pieces are to be fried till they turn golden. After they are fried, they are to be slowly beaten flat. After the slices have been given their required flat shape, they are to be fried again for few minutes. Then they can be removed on a clean container. Spread salt over the fried slices and serve.

Patacones, an important food of Ecuador is mainly considered to be a side dish.
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