Suman refers to the Philippines rice cake usually made with glutinous or sticky  rice called Malagkit/Malagkit na Bigas in the Philippines. Suman are generally wrapped in coconut or palm leaves and also in banana leaves.

Although Suman is mostly made with glutinous or sticky rice, there is also a Suman made of grated cassava meat called Sumang Kamoteng Kahoy or Cassava Suman which is wrapped in banana leaves. Some Suman are sweetened with mollases or brown sugar, but others are made without sugar at all and a bit salty, such as Suman sa Ibus which is unsweetened but dip in sugar when eaten and Suman sa Lihia (Lihiya )  which is also a bit salty and also dipped into a special sauce called Latik/Latek (coconut jam) or sugar. Tamales is a kind of savory Suman.

Suman is served as a dessert, but also as a breakfast food and there is no home without a Suman during special occassions or celebrations. They are always available anytime, too in wet markets not just for special occassions.

Some of the varieties/kinds of Suman are:

1. Suman sa Ibus

2. Suman Lihiya

3. Sumang Kamoteng Kahoy

4. Suman Latik

5. Suman sa Inantala or Suman sa Antala

6. Moron

7. Tupig

8. Tinubong

9. Tamales

Suman is wrapped in varieties of ways.

The Philippines Suman is a history itself. Part of the Philippines culture, a part of almost all Filipino families all over the Philippines. This article is not enough to describe Suman as there is more to it than a mere food made of glutinous rice.

Suman wrapped in banana leaves

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