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Thakkali Mezhukkupuratti is one of the simple dish from Kerala which is a tomato stir-fry, made from slices of fresh and tender tomatoes cooked with slices of red onions, green chili (Koda Mulaku) and spices such as Kadugu (black mustard seeds) and the Curry Leaves.

Thakkali is the Malayalam word for Tomato

Mezukkupuratti refers to stir-fry dishes/foods in Kerala. Mezhukkupuratti is a curry made up of stir-fried vegetables. It is best served with rice and curd or any chutney.

This is one of the super delicious dishes which my family friend in Allepey in Kerala, India cooks when budget for meat and other vegetables are already not enough. Tomatoes are cheap and yet she can make it a tasty dish for her family.

Thenga Chammanthi is Coconut Chutney and also refers to one of the many kinds of Chutneys in Kerala which is made from fresh grated Thenga (Coconut meat) grinded with other ingredients, such as Inji (ginger), Tamarind, Chumannulli (shallots/pearl onions), Kanthari Mulaku (bird’s eye chillies), salt until it turns into a paste, then Kadugu (black mustard seeds) and Curry leaves are added.

Thenga Chammanthi is often served with with Idli, Chappati/Roti and Dosa in Kerala.

Here is my "adopted Mom" in Allepey, Kerala, India grinding Thenga and spices in the traditional grinders used to make Chammathi called Ammikallu (Please see related article on Ammikallu)

Below are pictures of Thenga Chammanthi served with Dosa and Chappati

Thenga Chammanthi after grinding
Thenga Chammanthi after grinding

Thenga Chammanthi after its formed into a ball

Thenga Chammanthi served with Dosa
Thenga Chammanthi served with Dosa
Chappati and Omelette served with Thenga Chammanthi for breakfast
Chappati and Omelette served with Thenga Chammanthi for breakfast

Thenga Unda refers to coconut ball fritters from Kerala, India. It is made from freshly grated coconut, mixed with jaggery, ghee and cardamom powder then form into balls then deep-fried in Coconut Oil until golden brown.

I really do not know if Thenga Unda is traditionally a Keralan teatime snacks, but this was was bought by my friend in a Chaya Kada (Teashop) in Allepey, a district of Kerala.

Thenga and Unda , is the Malayalam words for Coconut and Balls, respectively.

Deutsch: Temperieren / Español: templado / Português: têmpera / Français: tempérage / Italiano: temperaggio

Tempering is a process used in cooking and baking to carefully control the temperature of ingredients, particularly chocolate, to achieve desired properties such as smooth texture, shine, and stability.

Deutsch: Tatar / Español: tártara / Português: tártaro / Français: tartare / Italiano: tartaro

Tartare is a dish consisting of finely chopped or minced raw meat or fish, typically seasoned and served with various accompaniments. It is a delicacy that emphasizes the quality and freshness of its ingredients.

Deutsch: Schweinefuß / Español: Manitas de cerdo / Português: Pé de porco / Français: Pied de porc / Italiano: Piedino di maiale

Trotter refers to the foot of a pig, cow, or sheep, used in cooking various traditional dishes around the world. Trotters are known for their rich, gelatinous texture when cooked, making them a popular ingredient in hearty stews and soups.

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