Glossary T

The food glossary +++ 'Talbos ng Kamote', 'Tapsilog', 'Talong'

Tamper refers to the small, pestle-like device with a round, flat end used to distribute and compress the ground coffee inside the filter basket.

Tortilla refers to Spanish omelet which is made traditionally with potato and onion.

Tamarind refers to the pod of the tree Tamarindus indica, the pulp of which is sweet and sour in taste and used in preparing food and drinks. Personal Note: In the Philippines, it is candied or the pulp is made into sweets.

Tarkan is one of the national specialties from Nepal of spiced vegetables

Tuscan Bread is generally a "country" style large, round loaf and unsalted. Casalingo literally means "homemade" and is the term used for a typical Tuscan unsalted loaf. There is a great variety of Italian bread with many local variations.

Tortang Ipon refers to a Filipino dish, particularly of the Ilocos Region of the Philippines made of very tiny fish called "Ipon" that come out for two (2) weeks after the full moon during the "ber" months, as in September , October and so on. Tortang Ipon is made by cooking these tiny fish with beaten egg, then fried. It simply means Omelette with "Ipon". Ipon is a prized fish from the Ilocos and Cagayan Valley Region of the Philippines, but it is also found in Southern Region and it is called Dulong . Ipon is actually fries of the Goy fish or in some instances, the fries of the Anchovy. It is calles "Silver fish" in English. (Please see article about Ipon)