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The food glossary +++ 'Talbos ng Kamote', 'Tinumok', 'Turo-turo'
Teh Halia refers to a ginger-flavoured tea or spiced tea from Singapore.

Tane Misir is the Turkish term for "corn kernel".

Tamthom refers to a variety of rice; the long grain white rice preferred by the North Vietnamese.

Tausi refers to salted soybeans which is used in cooking some Filipino dishes. My mother used to make Bangus with Tausi, is is made from fried Bangus and then stewed with Tausi

Tumpeng refers to Indonesian cone-shaped rice; a turmeric-tinged yellow rice piled high into a cone and served with an assortment of dishes; a pyramid of fragrant yellow rice surrounded by assorted Indonesian dishes. The tip of the Tumpeng is offered to the eldest guest.The height of the cone symbolizes the greatness of Allah or God, and the food at the base of the cone symbolizes nature’s abundance. The yellow tinge in the rice symbolizes wealth and high morals. Tumpeng is one of the foods served during important festivities and ocassions in Indonesia, birthdays, weddings and even success in work Tumpeng is often put on a container covered with green leaves, which are arranged beautifully. The rice is surrounded by some particular kinds of food which has its own symbols and meanings. Some of the dishes which are placed around the Tumpeng and their symbols are as follows: 1. Chicken (roasted, fried or curried) Chicken is a common sacrificial animal in Indonesia, therefore it represents an offering to God in terms of land animals. 2. Fish (generally catfish or milkfish) Both represent an offering to God in terms of water animal. Catfish is a symbol of humility as it always swims in the bottom of river. It represents a career path so that people should not mind to start career from a lower level. Milkfish which is a very bony fish can substitute for catfish and it represents hope for people to get more and more luck and fortune. Fried battered Anchovies is also used and it symbolizes peace and harmony as fish anchovies generally group together around food sources. 3. Egg which is should be traditionally served as a whole as the shell, egg white and egg yolk symbolize that human act in life is supposed to be done by planning, implementing based on the plan, and evaluating for better result. However, nowadays, an Omelette egg is already use. 4. Mixed Vegetables Salad Salad is normally served with coconut. This represents land plant where specific types of vegetable are chosen for their symbolic meanings, examples are: Leafy Vegetable: can live in the land and water so that human should manage to live in any kind, manner and status in life. Spinach: symbolizes a secure and peaceful life. Bean sprouts: a simple vegetable contains big creativity for success in life. Long beans: which is always long and continuous shape with no cuts means that human should think forward before action for longer living. Breadfruit: symbolizes hopes for more and more luck and fortune, intellectual, good behavior and attitude and manner. Tumpeng is also called Nasi Tumpeng. It is made of long-grain rice, turmeric, coconut milk, keffir lime leaves, stalk of lemongrass, salam leaf and salt. Cook the rice just like cooking an ordinary rice, but with an additional coconut milk and turmeric powder and when cooked and cooled, the rcie is mound into a cone shape.

Tostones refer to a Caribbean specialty of plantain fried twice and eaten like potatoes chips and serve as side dish or snacks. In Honduran cuisine, Tostones which is also called Platanos Fritos is an indispensable side dish. It refer to crunchy deep-fried plantains.

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