Glossary T

Tostones refer to a Caribbean specialty of plantain fried twice and eaten like potatoes chips and serve as side dish or snacks. In Honduran cuisine, Tostones which is also called Platanos Fritos is an indispensable side dish. It refer to crunchy deep-fried plantains.

Trifle refers to a fruit juice or liquor soaked sponge cake covered with layers of fruit, jelly, custard and cream served cold. Moreover, Trifle is the most famous English dessert that consists of sponge cake soaked in brandy or sherry, coated with fruit or jam, and topped with cream custard.

Tequila Rose refers to a sweet, strawberry-flavored Mexican cream liqueur made from a blend of strawberry cream liqueur and tequila.

Tic-tac, a brand of Aguadiente in El Salvador. Aguadiente is a liquor made from sugarcane.

Tassot de Dinde refers to "dried turkey", one of the national specialties of Haiti.

Tu is Myanmar term for chopsticks which is used to eat noodles.