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The food glossary +++ 'Talbos ng Kamote', 'Tapsilog', 'Tinumok'
Tetrazzini refers to an Italian dish typically made with diced beef or poultry in a rich cream sauce containing sherry. This is added to cooked spaghetti or noodles in a casserole and topped with bread crumbs or grated cheese .

Tex-Mex short for Texan-Mexican refering to foods that combine Texan and Mexican influences in their tastes. Nachos and Burritos are examples of Tex-Mex foods. Considering that Texas is already near Mexico, Tex-Mex foods emerged.
Talakitok is the Filipino word for big-eye trevally fish; cavalla fish. The Filipinos use the word Talakitok to refer to various fishes having the following scientific names: * Alectis ciliaris * Alectis indicus * Alepes djedaba * Alepes kleinii * Alepes melanoptera * Alepes vari * Atropus atropos * Carangoides armatus * Carangoides bajad * Carangoides chrysophrys * Carangoides coeruleopinnatus * Carangoides equula * Carangoides ferdau * Carangoides fulvoguttatus * Carangoides hedlandensis * Carangoides malabaricus * Carangoides oblongus * Carangoides orthogrammus * Carangoides plagiotaenia * Carangoides talamparoides * Caranx ignobilis * Caranx lugubris * Caranx melampygus * Caranx papuensis * Caranx sexfasciatus * Caranx tille * Gnathanodon speciosus * Naucrates ductor * Pseudocaranx dentex * Seriola dumerili * Seriola rivoliana * Trachinotus baillonii * Trachinotus blochii * Ulua mentalis * Uraspis helvola * Uraspis uraspis Talakitok which is a salt water fish is usually grilled, fried or steamed. It may also be used as the main ingredient in such Filipino dishes like Sinigang (sour stew/soup) and Escabeche . Talakitok is sometimes dried and salted as well. Talakitok that is harvested from the lake surrounding Taal volcano is known as Maliputo. It is said that its flesh is flavored by the sulfur in the lava rocks. Another Tagalog name for the six-banded trevally Caranx sexfasciatus is Pinkit. In Thailand, Talakitok is called Pla Seekun.

When cooking or preparing a Greek dish and you want your dish with Greek genuine flavor, if it is possible and not costly at all, it is always better to use authentic Greek olive oil or olive oil made in Greece

Tahu Isi refers to Indonesian fried stuffed tofu, a light snack made from tofu and vegetables . Tahu Isi is easily found in every food stalls that are selling snacks along the street in Indonesia. Tahu Isi is also served as an appetizer.

Tepung Ketan is the Indonesian term for "Glutinous or Sticky Rice Flour"; a rice flour made by grinding Glutinous or sticky rice into powder form to make a Tepung Ketan. Tepung Ketan is a type of flour made from short -grained sticky rice. This variety of rice is very common in Asia. Tepung Ketan is used as a sauce thickener or as a binding agent in baked goods. Tepang Ketan or glutinous rice flour is known for its ability to withstand both refrigeration and freezing with no breakdown of the product. The flour is powdery, white and unparalleled in absorption. The chewy, elastic quality of the dough made from Tepung Ketan makes it a popular base for the creation of pastries and sweets throughout Asia, as it is able to withstand the heat and humidity common throughout the Southeast Asia and the bitter cold that can be found in the Northwest. As a gluten-free flour, it is gaining popularity in the Western world, particularly for those who are required to maintain a wheat-free diet. Tepung Ketan which is known Glutinous rice flour is also known as sweet flour or waxy rice flour. It is frequently used in Asian recipes to thicken sauces or bind ingredients. Tepung Ketan is in Asian markets across the United States, this flour is known for its ability to absorb any liquid it comes into contact with, resulting in the creation of a slightly rubbery, clay-like ball of dough. The flour is created by crushing whole grains of rice and processing them until they have reached the consistency of a fine powder that is ultra white in color and slightly sweet. Glutinous rice flour is the choice of many for a number of reasons. It is easy to digest and is therefore a common ingredient in baby food or for dishes to be given to the elderly or infirm. Because it contains no wheat, it can be used to create products for those who follow a gluten-free diet. It is also used to bind ingredients in rice-based, lactose-free ice cream . Additionally, while the flour is known for its ability to take up moisture, it is also well-known for its ability to retain it, making it a wise choice for products that need to be frozen and then thawed, as these processes generally result in an overall loss of moisture when products are made with traditional flour.