Glossary T

Templers refers to a puff pastry with dulce de leche and almonds from Monzon, a small town in the autonomous community of Aragon, Spain. Templers is one of the famous confectionaries from Monzón.

Tinta Roriz refers to a grape variety which is also known as Tempranillo in Spain and is the only key 'Port' variety that is widely planted outside of Portugal. Tinta Roriz produces large crops that can vary widely in quality depending on the vintage and the vineyard site. Its wines can range from light in body to full bodied with heavy tannins. It is not a grape that makes very good wine on its own but it can be useful when used as a "spice grape" in a blend. Tinta Roriz is the only classic variety of the Douro not indigenous to Portugal. It is known in Spain, its birthplace, as Tempranillo. The name, from "temprana," or "early," refers to its trait of ripening early. Of the top varietals, Tinta Roriz is the most variable in in quality. High in vigor, moderate in productivity and highly resistant to heat and aridity, Tinta Roriz grows best on hot, dry south-facing schist slopes, away from water, with shelter from wind. Such siting helps curb the vine’s vigor and also helps it avoid rot, to which it is susceptible. The Tinta Roriz produces thick-skinned, deeply-colored grapes not too high in acidity which yield masculine wines of firm tannic structure, excellent complexity and distinctive resiny fragrance. It constitutes 12.1% of plantings in the Douro Valley, the second most prevalent vine. Alternate name of Tinta Roriz are: Tempranillo; Aragonez; possibly the Valdepeñas of California

Togarashi Chile Pepper refers to a kind/type/variety of Asian Chili that is most commonly used in Japanese cooking. Togarashi Chile Pepper is small, very hot, and red in color. It is available fresh, dried, flakes, or ground as a seasoning for a variety of dishes. Togarashi Chili Peppers are also known as Ichimi.

Torchio refers to a special press for making homemade fresh pasta like Bigoli which is a coarse, home-made, hollow wholemeal spaghetti from Bassano del Grappa in the Venice, Italy. Torchio can also be used in making Spaghetti and Rigatoni which is known as Bigoli and Gargati in Venetian dialect. Torchio is also called making homemade fresh pasta the Torchio Hand Crank Pasta Press or Torchio Hand Press.

Teifi is one of the cheeses that comes from Wales. It is made from cow's milk. It is an unpasteurized, organic, vegetarian cheese and according to its texture, it ranks among hard cheeses. It has 45% fat. The cheese is similar to Gouda and has a deep sunshine-yellow interior. Teifi is available in several varieties depending on the period of maturation. When young, the cheese has a fruity flavour, when aged, Teifi becomes hard and almost flaky. The affinage usually takes two to nine months. Sometimes nettles and cumin are added and smoked version is also available.John and Patrice Savage-Ontswedder were the creators of Teifi.

Tibs refers to crispy fried steak in Ethiopia which is one of their national specialties.