Glossary T

Togarashi Chile Pepper refers to a kind/type/variety of Asian Chili that is most commonly used in Japanese cooking. Togarashi Chile Pepper is small, very hot, and red in color. It is available fresh, dried, flakes, or ground as a seasoning for a variety of dishes. Togarashi Chili Peppers are also known as Ichimi.

Tavioka refers to one of Fiji's national specialties made of manioc or tapioca, often boiled, baked or grated and cooked in coconut cream with sugar and mashed bananas.

Tutmanik refers to Bulgarian cheese bread.

Terapin refer to fresh-water turtles which are used for food or cooking purposes.

While cooking any green-leafy vegetables , add a pinch of sugar. This will help maintain the bright green color of the leaves.

Torchio refers to a special press for making homemade fresh pasta like Bigoli which is a coarse, home-made, hollow wholemeal spaghetti from Bassano del Grappa in the Venice, Italy. Torchio can also be used in making Spaghetti and Rigatoni which is known as Bigoli and Gargati in Venetian dialect. Torchio is also called making homemade fresh pasta the Torchio Hand Crank Pasta Press or Torchio Hand Press.