Glossary T

Tintenfische is the German word for "Squids".

Tomatenconcasse is the German for tomato concasse; roughy chopped tomatoes which are deseeded and skinned before chopped. Ofzen serve as side dish (Beilage ) Concasse is French word for "roughly chopped".

Teff Flour refers to the flour produced by grinding the seeds of the Teff, a northern African grass cultivated for its seeds.

Taucheong is the Malaysian word for "Preserved bean paste"

Tagetes refers to a food coloring used in chicken feed to make skin and eggs appear more yellow. It is extracted from the flower of the Aztec marigold. Tagetes is also known as or Aztec Marigold.

Tzimmes or Tsimmes is a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish dish in which the principal ingredient is diced or sliced carrots, sometimes combined with dried fruits like prunes or raisins, or chunks of meat. Tzimmes is a sweet Jewish dish. Traditionally, it is made in any number of ways and can combine fruits, meat and vegetables . Traditionally served on Rosh Hashana, this sweet Jewish dish is flavored with honey and usually with cinnamon as well. The flavors of this casserole-style dish develop by cooking it at a very low temperature for a very long time.