Glossary T

The food glossary +++ 'Tibs Fitfit', 'Te freddo', 'Talaba'
Toasty refers to a wine term that describes a hint of wooden barrel, caramel, and/or toffee characteristics that is typically associated with dry white wines.

Tyttebaer refers to Norway's sweet-tart made of lingonberries.

Taai-Taal refers to Netherland's soft and chewy gingerbread cookies made in shapes of men and women which is served at the place setting of each guest for St. Nicholas' Eve, December 5.

Toheroa refers to a bivalve/clam which is native to areas of New Zealand's western shore. Toheroa's flesh is very tough and is only edible when minced or finely chopped.

Toheroa Soup refers to the famous New Zealand soup prepared from the finely minced flesh and green parts of the Toheroa. The smooth green soup is considered a special delicacy.

Tuatua refers to a smaller and more plentiful version of the larger Toheroa, a bivalve from New Zealand. Both Tuatua and Toheroa are delicious, fleshy bivalves enjoyed in season.