Glossary T

Trago refers to the Bolivian alcoholic drink of cane.

Teuk Tnaot refers to the Cambodian liquid tapped from sugar palms and drunk in various degrees of fermentation. Teuk Tnaot is generally not taken with meals.

Trout Meuniere refers to New Orleans dish made of trout served with a rich butter sauce .

Tuo Zanfi refers to the main food eaten by Ghanaians from the Upper East, Northern and upper west Regions. Tuo Zanfi is made with flour from millet or maize.

Tetrazzini refers to an Italian dish typically made with diced beef or poultry in a rich cream sauce containing sherry. This is added to cooked spaghetti or noodles in a casserole and topped with bread crumbs or grated cheese .

Tex-Mex short for Texan-Mexican refering to foods that combine Texan and Mexican influences in their tastes. Nachos and Burritos are examples of Tex-Mex foods. Considering that Texas is already near Mexico, Tex-Mex foods emerged.