Bayerische Creme is a German term which means Bavarian vanilla creme.


Bayerische Creme also known as Bavarian Creme, Creme Bavaroise or Bayerische Rahmsülze refers to a specialty food of  Bayern, Germany, particularly of Eastern Bavaria. It is a well-known dessert or sweet throughout the whole country. It is a dessert with compote, fresh berries or strawberry syrup that is made from a  fine, whipped creme with vanilla that is binded with gelatine and mixed with whipped cream. It is served garnished with fruit or chocolate.

The recipe for Bayerische Creme is said to be created by Isabeau de Bavière, daughter of Stephan Duke of Bavaria who married  in 1385 King Charles VI (1368 to 1422) of France. However, it has never been clarified,  whether she actually created the recipe herself or brought it with her to France from her homeland.

To make Bayerische Creme, the following ingredients are needed:

1/2 vanilla pod
1/4 l milk
4 eggs (yolk separated)
100 g sugar,
4 leaves of cold-softened gelatine
250 g cream

Instructions on how to cook Bayerische Creme:

Slit open the vanilla pod and scrape out the pith. Soften the pith with the gelatine in a little cold water. Bring the milk to the boil. Stir the egg yolk with the sugar into a thick foamy creme and then slowly add the boiling milk whilst continuing to beat the mixture. Allow the mixture to thicken under continual beating over light heat in a thick-sided casserole. The creme must not boil up because then it curdles. Remove from the heat and dissolve the pressed-out gelatine into the crème. Place the creme in a bowl with ice cubes and allow to cool under regular beating. When the creme begins to solidify cautiously fold in the stiffly-beaten whipped cream. Fill into a high form which has been previously rinsed with cold water and dusted with sugar. Place in the refrigerator for at least six (6) hours before removing from form.

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