Glossary D

The food glossary +++ 'Depouillage', 'Doppa i grytan', 'Dinuguan'
Deuuat is the Thai word which means "to boil", "to froth", or "to foam"

Daan tart refers to tiny tart shells filled with sweet egg custard. It is also known as Custard tarts - a variety of sweet

Drunken chicken refers to a marinated whole chicken, steamed and then soaked in dry sherry or Chinese shao-shing wine for at least a day. Cut into bite-size pieces and served cold. It

Dopp i grytan is a Swedish rye bread that is sliced and dipped into a ham stock and eaten with ham, pork sausage or with butter, specially during the Christmas eve feast.

Dasik refers to Korean traditional pressed sweets. It is a variety of Hangwa - Korean traditional sweets and cookies

Daegutang is Korean cod fish soup