Glossary D

The food glossary +++ 'Depouillage', 'Doppa i grytan', 'Dinuguan'
Dakgalbi is a Korean broiled spicy chicken and vegetables

- Dahi baingan : Dahi baingan refers to a ready to cook small eggplants in a spicy yogurt marinade

Dukkahs is an Arabic term for paper cones which serve as a container for spices or mixtures of spices sold in Arabic markets.

Demi-glace is a French word which literally means "half glace". It refers to a rich brown sauce that begins with a basic espagnole sauce, which is combined with beef stock and Madeira

Detremper is the French word which means "soak", "soften"
distemper, wash or r mix with water

Dolce is the Italian word for "Sweet". In culinary terms, it is referring to Italian desserts, candy, or other sweets.

Dolce is pronounced "dohl-chay" or "dohl-chee"