Glossary D

The food glossary +++ 'Depouillage', 'Dahon ng sili', 'Dilis'
De lata is the Filipino term which means "canned goods"

Dukkah refers to an incredible nutty Egyptian spice mix, made by mixing roasted nuts like hazel nuts, sesame seed, coriander, cumin, and other spices. Mix it with dipping oil, such as

Dolmadakia refers to Greek food made of rolled grape leaves stuffed with savory ground beef and rice, are served with an intense avgo-lemono, the traditional egg-lemon sauce .

Dakos refers to Cretan barley rusks, also called "Cretan owl" named after the round rusks that resembles the head of an owl.

Dakos which is a Cretan Meze is also called Koukouvayia and is often called Greek Bruschetta